Filming News

On July 6, Tin Soldier will be released.

On July 6 it will be released the movie "Tin Soldier".

Oscars 2023: All the awards.

Oscars 2023: All the awards.

The approvals for the financing of the "Minority Co-production" of the GFC.

Announcement of the results of pre-approvals by the Greek Film Centre for the "Minority Co-production" Production Program.

EKOME: €33 million funding to 61 projects in 2022.

Hollywood closes 16 months in Thessaloniki.

16 months have passed since the start of shooting of Enforcer. A comprehensive account.

Red Sonja: In Thessaloniki the remake of the legendary film of the '80s!

Hollywood production in Thessaloniki.

Cannes 2022: All awards.

All awards at the 75th Cannes Film Festival.

Cannes: Award for the film of Kalogiropoulou starring Mazonakis!

Canal+ presented the award, which is accompanied by a cash prize, to the film "On the Throne of Xerxes" for how to approach an ancient Greek history.

The Expendables 4: The first standee of the film was released.

The first standee of the film "The Expendables 4" was released, scenes of which were shot in Thessaloniki last year.

Thessaloniki Goes to Cannes!

Five Works in Progress will be presented by the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the Greek Film Center at the Côte d'Azur Festival.

The first teaser of the film The Enforcer

Thessaloniki was transformed into Miami while scenes were filmed in many parts of the city